123 Judaism

This super simple and navigatable site is dedicated to teaching basics in Judaism;
from the philisophical works of the Rambam to the beginning steps of learning Talmud.

This site was created with two major goals: To spread Torah to all those who want to learn, and creating the simplest interface for greatest user satisfaction.

This website was created for everyone; from the beginner to the most advanced. Even though the topics seem to be just beginner classes, these are basics that everyone should know, even the greatest sage.

These classes are sorted and selected from the immense audio library of classes given by Rav Frankenthal, a renown teacher and mentor to many people from around the globe. See Torah123.com for more topics from him.

Rav Frankenthal is a Rabbi in Machon Meir, and the community Rav of Kochav Yaakov.